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US Coin Melt Value Calculators

US Silver Coin Melt Calculator:

This calculator lets you choose any type of silver coin ever made in US history (legal tender only). All you need to do is select your coin, enter the quantity number of coins that you have. The current market exchange price of silver is already automatically inputted into the price field but you are allowed to change this silver spot price to see what your coins would be worth at a different price. You can even view images of each silver coin as you choose which one you have. The calculation will tell you the value of silver metal in your coins.

Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator

US Gold Coin Melt Calculator:

The gold coin calculator will calculate the value of gold in any type of legal tender gold coin ever minted in US history. Again, just select the type of gold coin you have and the quantity of the number of coins you have. The current market spot price of gold is automatically inputted but you can change this figure at will in order to see what your coins would be worth at a different exchange rate. This will calculate the intrinsic metal melt value of your gold coins.

Gold Coin Melt Value Calculator

US Copper Coin Melt Calculator:

Very popular right now are the pre-1982 copper pennies, typically from the Lincoln Memorial Cents, but also from Lincoln Wheat Cents. This copper coin calculator will allow you to calculate the value of copper in every type of US coin that is primarily made of copper. Simply select your coin type/denominational face value and the quantity or number of coins to calculate. We already have the current spot price of copper per pound, which we convert to grams automatically, but you can also change the base metal spot price of copper. This will calculate the melt value of your copper coins, which is the same as the value of the intrinsic metal inside your copper coins.

Copper Coin Melt Value Calculator

US Platinum Coin Melt Calculator:

Finally, we have a calculator for platinum coins. The only US legal tender platinum coins ever minted are the Platinum American Eagles, which came in tenth, quarter, half and full ounce denominations starting in 1997. The market exchange spot price of platinum metal is automatically inserted into the calculator, which you can also change at will to see your values at other prices of platinum. All you need to do is select the weight size of this coin and the number of coins you have and the calculator will calculate the intrinsic platinum metal melt value of your coins.

Platinum Coin Melt Value Calculator

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