2006 W American Platinum Eagle Bullion Coins : Burnished

$10 Tenth Ounce Platinum

Mintage: 3,544
Minted at: West Point

Designer - Engraver: John M Mercanti
Metal Composition: 99.95% Platinum

Diameter: 16.5 mm
Mass / Weight: 3.112 grams

What this coin looks like (obverse, reverse, mint mark location, special features, etc.):
2006 W Burnished Uncirculated Tenth Ounce American Platinum Eagle - 1/10 oz Platinum $10
Burnished Uncirculated eagles are struck using special burnished blanks which results in a satin-like finish and they are intended for collectors. These special burnished coins also bear the "W" mint mark on the reverse of the coin and also features the unique annual designs typically only used on reverse of proof platinum eagle coins (unlike the bullion version which does not have a mintmark and features the standard eagle design on the reverse). These burnished platinum eagles are sold directly to the public through the US Mint.
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MELT VALUE: $96.10

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