1913 P Liberty Nickels

Liberty Head "V" Nickel

Mintage: 5
Minted at: Philadelphia

Designer - Engraver: Charles E Barber
Metal Composition: 75% Copper - 25% Nickel

Diameter: 21.2 mm
Mass / Weight: 5 grams

What this coin looks like (obverse, reverse, mint mark location, special features, etc.):
All 1913 Liberty Head V Nickels In One Picture
Only 5 Liberty Head V Nickels were minted in 1913 and production was unauthorized by the mint. The 1913 Liberty Head nickels are some of the most valuable and rarest US coins in existence with each one worth many millions of dollars. A man named Samuel Brown worked at the mint in 1913 and also introduced all five coins at the American Numismatic Association in 1920. He claimed that he put an ad in "The Numismatist" offering to buy them for $500 each and was able to successfully acquire them as a result. Although it is widely suspected that Samuel Brown was the one who actually produced these 5 proof liberty nickels at the US Mint without authorization and took the coins for himself.

Depicted in the picture above is a collection of all 5 1913 liberty head nickels in one picture.
From left to right: Eliasberg specimen - Olsen specimen - Norweb specimen - Walton specimen - McDermott specimen.
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