ICG 2014-P Jefferson Nickel; Mint Error "Design Creep" rev./reverse. MS 65 - 104

Discovered April 2015. Coin World Article. ONE OF A KIND ERROR classification

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Item Description

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Up for Sale is......
A ICG Certified
2014-P Jefferson Nickel...
Mint Error MS 65
'Design Creep' Rev.
Design Creep:(Enthusiast Name)
Flared Die Face:(More technical name)
By Error Coin Specialist.... Mike Diamond
Flexible OBO!
All Fair ​offers consiered
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
the blacked out area's are to prevent copying.  I am Keeping records and copies of the certificate so it can be verified.
ICG Verification Number
Error Information
The Revers has Extra shine
There is some detail loss
There is no edge on Reverse
The letters 'creep' off the edge on Reverse
Signature Confirmation Required!!!
Ships Safe!
<2 minute video of Design Creep Nickel
|                                                                                        |
V Original Article by Mike Diamond, Error Specialist V
I am the discoverer, this is an original coin!

More research is being Done......
Dated: 6/1/15
After contacting many many places I am currently working on three measures
1) Submit to ANACS, they say they have experts/specialist to look this over (NGC does not)
2) Submit to ICG, Same Reason as Above!
3)Currently Contacting the correct places of Whitman Publishing.
PCGS is a little pricey for me right now.... :-P

it has even been suggested that this is NOT an error variety, but instead, Damage. :-(
"I know I like it!"
Put it next to a standard nickel, and you will CLEARLY see the difference.
June 11, 2015
Coins received by ANACS & ICG!
4-6 weeks from this date coin grading a research will be completed!
June 22, 2015
Coins came back from ICG labelled "Defective Revers Die"
July 1, 2015
ICG has a very helpful staff when I called.  I take back what was said earlier!
More is being done with them.  Much more respect then NGC, that is fer sher.
July 6, 2015
ICG has received another set of coins today!
ICG said they would help with the footwork in a major way.  During the FUN Convention in Florida, 'Skip' will speak to other Experts/Specialist if they are available.  We are trying to give an agreeable and recognized label to the market.  After all, anyone who does not get/read/know about Coin World Magazine, will never know about it :'/  'Skip' also mentioned talking to the proper U.S. Mint department to find out what happened really and not theoretically, though they will probably be the same :)
Expect no information for about One Long Month....... still waiting on ANACS.
ICG may be the grading party of my choice!  Read about the team! 'Skip' is helping, and help is something I think he CAN do
Thank you Skip
July 17, 2015
ANACS is finished Grading and I have the coins Back.
They did it!!! ANACS label says "Distorted Reverse Die 'Design Creep' Error"~!
Still waiting on other stuffs, but.... it's been done.
not sure what to say considering the label has been created!
July 21, 2015
You will not find these coins with NGC labels anymore.
I severely dislike their customer service and quality of overall business.
it's my belief that people pay more for NGC labels because Business' tell them they're better.
After reviewing all the facts and and adding my experiences, I will look at other grading companies.
I'm thinking ICG all the way. (some ANACS as well.... maybe)
September 9, 2015
Update from 'Skip' at ICG...
He is awaiting information from the treasury department on..... things.
they now say they will put the 'design creep' label on the nickel slabs
November 12, 2015
"Design Creep" Rev. will be the designation on the ICG Slabs.
Forget NGC for Various reasons.
Speaking with PCGS right now.
ANACS has Already Accepted.

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