Unsearched $200 FV Nickel Bag, 75% Copper. Silver, Buffalo, V Nickels Possible!

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Circulated Coin
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Circulated Coin

Please read the entire description before buying. Thank you.

We have a bunch of nickel bags we got from our local bank coin counting machine.

No More Nickel Rolls!!

No longer will you have to crack open nickel rolls for hours on end risking wrist injury. These sealed nickel bags give you the benefit of keeping for copper bullion (nickels are 75% copper and 25% nickel) while potentially finding valuable coins from Buffalo nickels, V nickels, Silver War nickels, and error nickels.
This is for 1 nickel bag of stated $200 face value of nickels by the bank brought to you by


Metal Composition Legislation Change in Congress for Penny and Nickel.

Read about theEffects on the Pennyand read about theEffects on the Nickel


To be clear: this is for nickel sorting & rare coin hunting. These are not 100% guaranteed to contain anything rare or valuable. Each purchase contains what isbank statedto be 1 bank sealed bag of nickels at $200 per bag. Contents may contain any quantity of any variation of nickels and other coins that find their way into nickel bags. Many people have made great finds! You may find something great, you might not. It all comes down to luck.
Sort for great finds and copper bullion value!
The bag is bank sealed so we havenotopened or verified for content or coin count.
Though this is for one bag, we can provide as many as you want if you are an enthused nickel sorter like us!
Contact us below for Directly-to-Your-Door Nickel Service.
Feel Welcome to Call Us:
(302) 265-3677

Photographs are for illustrative purposes. These coins were found in actual bags like the bags listed in this auction, though there is no promise orguaranteeyou will find thesecoinsor similar coins.We know there are many great finds in nickel bags. But since this is a sealed nickel bag that we have not searched we won't know what is inside (otherwise it wouldn't be an unsearched sealed nickel bag). Happy coin hunting!


There will be 1 flat rate medium sized box.

Plastic tape melts off in heat. Regular heavy duty packaging tape is too weak.

We cover all edges of the box with fiberglass filament reinforced paper tape.

Enclosed in each box will be one plastic bank coin bag that was sealed by the bank.

We do not open these sealed bags so therefore we cannot vouch for its contents other than it is classified as sealed nickel bags.

We will place tracking on the box for tracking purposes.

Insurance is included in the shipping cost.

Do you live locally or within driving distance of Northern Delaware?
Great! Buy large quantities and you can come pick up to save on shipping.
The bigger your vehicle, the more nickels you can capitalize on per drive!
Read about the Nickel laws and our disclaimers for pennies:
Unhappy for any reason?
Contact us!
You don't like negative feedback, nor do we!
If at any time for any reason you feel the need to leave negative feedback, let us know so we know what we did wrong and can fix it.
We like happy people. Let us know how we can make you happy.
Thank you!

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$15.97 $15.97 USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box (2 to 3 business days)

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