Copper Coin Melt Value Calculator

Follow the steps below to see how much your copper coins are worth based on their base metal content melt values. Calculate data from every primarily copper coin made in US history. Selecting different coins from the drop down will change the images so you can view the coin. The market spot price of copper is automatically inserted but you can change this to a different figure if you want. Pre 1982 copper pennies are extremely popular right now due to their valuable melt value, so you can calculate the value of your pre-1982 copper lincoln cents here! Use this Mobile App at any time for your iphone, android or other mobile device.

Fun Facts - How many Lincoln pennies does it take to equal 1 pound of pure copper?
154 pre-1982 pennies = 1 Pound of Copper
7258 post-1982 pennies = 1 Pound of Copper


Pre-1982 Copper Lincoln Memorial Cent

Additional Notes about Calculator:

The figures may be slightly different than the chart figures on our main US Coin Melt Values page. This calculator is only showing you figures based only on the percentage of copper in the coin and not all of the metals combined (like we do on the main coin melt page).

The images shown are just general representations of the coin design and type, meaning some images may show a year where metal compositions have changed or a different bullion denomination (such as with the gold or platinum eagles).

Precious metal spot prices are based on Pounds. 1 Pound is equal to 453.59237 grams.