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From: Danielsanz37 ( 4 ) - April 17 2020 - 10:11 AM CDT
This coin looks a lot more more worn out, also it seems like it was improperly cleaned. The lighting on the coin was on purpose to hide how faded this coin looks. I paid too much for this coin, it should have been much less.
From: Maricarmen ( 16 ) - April 12 2019 - 02:03 PM CDT
I dont know what happen with my paid from the credit card, i dont like paid with paypal. Sorry I loss the good item cause your fault. Please send this comments at the seller, I do not want the seller to think that I am an irresponsible person. Thank's Maricarmen
From: adgamb74 ( 48 ) - January 18 2018 - 12:47 PM CST
Coin was fake
From: HWWIII ( 45 ) - June 11 2015 - 04:31 PM CDT
Photos of coin were staged to leave the impression that the coin was toned but not damaged. Description on the web page for the sale was: "1884 AU/MS Liberty V Nickel. Great High Grade Coin for any collection. Look at the pictures and grade for yourself." It made no mention that the supposed toning was actual environmental damage Further red flag is that the seller does not accept returns. Inferring that the coin was AU/MS was also a stretch based on the coins condition.

Reply by edgch: Sorry but the photos taken were not staged they were taken with a standard camera with standard lighting. I always show pictures of the coin so that the buyer knows exactly what they are buying. Others do not. I state look at the pictures and grade for yourself. The grade is correct. I do not state that the coin was (toned). Darkness of coins can happen if a coin is left for decades in a small manila envelope. The sulfur in the envelope can turn the coin black. Some buyers prefer darker coins. I state no returns because I also sell on Ebay like most others and after a buyer makes a purchase or win the bid they decide not to pay. They change their mind, do not have the money to pay etc. By the time you get the coin back from the buyer and if they did not damage the coin, or try and send back a different coin, the coin if off the market for a few weeks or longer and other buyers do not have a chance to purchase the coin. The seller is also out the shipping costs.