1800s $5 Citizens' Bank of New Orleans ( Very Rare )

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Crisp Uncirculated

A Bit of History 1800's Citizens Bank of Louisiana CINQ ( My Grade GEM Crisp Uncirculated )  ( PLATE D NICE MARGINS ) ( VERY RARE ) ( The Confederate States of AMERICA had an agrarian - based economy that relied heavily on slave-worked plantations for thr production of cotton fore export to Europe and the northern US States. If ranked as an independent, It would have been the forth richest country of the world in 1860. When the Union blockaded its ports in summer of 1861, exports of cotton fell 95 percent and the South had to restructure itself to emphasize food and munitions production. After losing control of its main rivers and ports, it had to depend on a weak railroad system that, with few repairs being made, no new equipment, and federal raids, crumbled away. The infrastructure collapsed during the war as inflation destroyed banks and forced a move toward a barter economy for civilians,  The government seized needed supplies and livestock, paying with certificates that were supposed to be paid off after the war, but never were. By 1865 the economy was in ruins. ( Note Sale Priced @ $ 75.00 )

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