1839-C NGC AU half eagle $5 gold, VERY RARE in AU, attractive honey gold piece

NGC has graded only 85 pieces in ALL grades combined in their 30 years in biz!

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1839-C NGC AU half eagle $5 gold, VERY RARE, attractive piece. here's a super popular Charlotte mint issue and one of the scarcest issues from this obsolete historic branch mint. another date that is very difficult to find in upper grades without serious problems. only 17,205 minted, a very scarce early issue. this one is a decent lower to mid grade AU with pretty honey gold color and mild luster. it has a lot of detail and shows a fair amount of luster when rolled in the light. our personal opinion is that it is between AU53 and 55. this coin was likely cleaned decades ago but it does not detract and the coin is very presentable in a high grade set. there are no serious marks or other problems but there is some green wax or crayon on the hair bun that you might be able to see in the photos that looks like it would come off easily, a good candidate to send to NCS for conservation. NGC has graded only 37 in all AU grades combined and there are only 85 pieces graded in all grades combined in their 30 years in the grading business, and consider that many of those are re-submissions fishing for a higher grade and profit to the submitters. stack these numbers and the Carson City popularity up against any 1916-D dime or gem BU 1909-S VDB cent for rarity and sheer value and then you'll see why this series is ripe for the taking with one great value after another and plenty of rarities to chase if you're so inclined. the NGC online price guide lists a problem free piece at $8500.00 to $16,500.00 in various AU grades and the Fair Market Value online guide lists it at $6,780.00 to $11,960.00 but we'll let this one go for a good bit less. please see the photos- they are of the exact coin the buyer will receive. try to find another one of these!

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