1899 $2 Silver Certificates1899 $2 Silver Certificates

1899 $2 Silver Certificates

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The United States printed two dollar silver certificates for a very short period of time.  As you can tell from that listing, the 1899 $2 silver certificate that we are detailing here is the last design type used for the denomination.  

1899 $2 silver certificates are most often called “mini-portholes” by collectors.  This nickname is a bit confusing.  The front of the bill has a portrait of George Washington.  It looks like George Washington is observing the viewer from inside a ship’s porthole.  The 1923 $5 silver certificate has a similar design with Abraham Lincoln and it is called a porthole note.  So the 1899 $2 bill became the mini-porthole. 

It terms of portraiture on currency, no one really expects to see George Washington on a two dollar bill.  In fact, the 1899 $2 silver certificate is the only bill of that denomination on which George Washington is pictured.  He first appeared on one dollar bills in 1869, and he appeared on twenty dollar gold certificates starting in 1905.  He got around.  The design on this note is sometimes called the agriculture and mechanics layout.  The male and female figures are supposed to represent those two industries.

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