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See Discription: Fine piece with a little wear

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EF40+ or XF50 near AU
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Item Description

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Coin Condition:
EF40+ or XF50 near AU

NOTE: I am not a professional grader of coins and until this coin is certified properly there can be no guarantee of grade, however as a private collector utilization of standard ANA grading practices are applied to the best of my experience and ability.


Fine looking piece with very little wear on obverse with good strike and luster with NO large dents and scratches without looking close: XF with wear to corner of hair above the ear on George and very little wear starting on cheek. On the reverse side there are signs of wear on breast feathers of eagle with some visible wear on wing corners to the eye and the reverse side has NO large dents, scratches, etc.  Note: Slight outer lettering (date) and rim wear visible on both obverse and reverse sides alike. See Pictures, you are the judge.

I am selling all circulated coins to make way for other additions.

Good luck bidding and I appreciate your business and if you have any questions feel free to inquire, Lee


Kindly Note: No returns – This is an Auction of the actual coin AS IS as pictured and any sale to the highest bidder is final.

Quality and Overall Eye Appeal varies between buyers and graders, and when grading coins it is a matter of experience and opinions: All of these vary between buyers, sellers and professional graders alike. There is NO Guarantee as to Grade or Value and we have only provided the reference grade AU55XF as my individual opinion as an overall example for knowledgeable buyers and/or for educational values for less knowledgeable collectors. In any event no bidder should relay upon my opinion for their bidding and/or buying decision(s).


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