1943 Irish Half Crown1943 Irish Half Crown1943 Irish Half Crown1943 Irish Half Crown1943 Irish Half Crown1943 Irish Half Crown1943 Irish Half Crown

1943 Irish Half Crown

Less than 500 Exist -- XF40!!!

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The 1943 Irish Half Crown is greatly sought after as the key year for the coin, for during the War when silver was needed (and the Irish government realized there was more silver in the coin than the coin was worth), the Irish government stopped making the coins and seized the ones they could.  Hence the reason the small amount are around today -- many are kept as heirlooms and many have just disappeared.  Regardless, you're not just going to stumble across one that is authenticated (lots of knock-offs made of this particular year), and you surely won't find many graded at a 40.  So if you want to hold a real piece of history in your hands, you can.

Just push the "buy" button or shoot me an offer!

You'll see by consulting NGC's website that my price is considerably lower than their listing ($1550 -- see last picture), but I'm still open to negotiate.  May the luck o' the Irish be with ye!  

This is the lowest I'm going to go on the coin myself.  Getting a coin this rare for $300 below book is an incredible deal you won't find anywhere else.



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