1949-P Franklin  ⭐  "VF-30/35" Condition as Pictured   ⭐  (1.26)1949-P Franklin  ⭐  "VF-30/35" Condition as Pictured   ⭐  (1.26)

1949-P Franklin ⭐ "VF-30/35" Condition as Pictured ⭐ (1.26)

Nice Design Details ⭐ Pretty Good Eye Appeal ⭐ < 50% Bell Lines

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1949-P  Silver Franklin Half Dollar

Nice Looking "VF-30/35" Coin

Partial Bell Lines ---  (25% to 45%)

Well Defined Design Details

Winner receives ONE of the coins pictured.......

Shipping:  First Class Mail (6x9" heavy duty brown Kraft envelop)  &  Combined Shipping Discounts given for all items on same invoice.