1960 D Washington1960 D Washington

1960 D Washington

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Raw / Unspecified

Note: My coins are all carefully graded using various photograding resources, under 10x -25x magnifications. The photos are the actual coin photo's (taken at 15x magnification), and you will clearly be able to verify the coin is the one represented in the photo.

Coins are NOT 'professionally' graded (ie. PCGS, NGC, etc).


Normal Shipping consists of 'flips' in Safe-T Mailers, inside mylar bubble mailers.

Bulk is sent in well packed boxes.

Option 1 : $1.35 is 1 to 3 coins without using the SAFE-T or bubble mailers

Option 2 : $4.85 is for 3 to 9 coins in one mailer.

Option 3 : $6.65 for 10 to 20 coins in one pkg.

Option 4 : $10.85 flat for 20 to 80 coins in one pkg.

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Seller Location: Kentucky, United States
Seller IP Address: United States - United States

Kentucky Sales Tax: Buyers located in the US State of Kentucky must pay an extra 6.00% sales tax as set by the seller. This comes out to be an extra $0.62 for this item based on the current price. This tax will be applied during checkout after a shipping address is provided.

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$6.65$0.00 USPS Parcel Post (2 to 8 business days)
$10.85$0.00 USPS Parcel Post (2 to 8 business days)
This seller offers Discounted Shipping - Shipping Rules: Largest full shipping rate for each shipping method is applied just once. The 'additional qty shipping rate' is then applied to all remaining items. Shipping Restrictions - Shipping is not available to the following regions/countries:
United States: Outlying US Territories & Islands
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Central America and Caribbean: All Nations
North America: All Nations (Except United States Mainland)
South America: All Nations

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