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1986 D lincoln penny no copper/just zinc

silver penny color

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This is a great coin it has not been graded . I bought the coin in 1999 at chauncey's coin shop in lubbock,tx as a 1943 steel penny. Ed the owner which was a friend who I meet 4 years prior and since I was in the military if I found good coins I would buy them and ed sold them and we split the profit. A year later after buying the coins I was put my coins in plastic protectors I noticed the coin said 1986 on it instead of 1943 like it was marked. I took the coin back to Ed and after he checked it out he said james you just found a great error penny it just didn't get the copper added into the coin and keep it because it's a great investment coin so I have had it since 1999 until now. Need money so I am selling some of my errors. This coin is a find and who ever gets it is gone to have a great coin. good luck to win this great coin

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