2006-P Jefferson Nickels, Return to Monticello

Nice *Low Priced* BU Coins for any Collection or Resale in U.S. Mint Bag

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BU/MS 65 in sealed U.S. Mint Bag
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BU/MS 65 in sealed U.S. Mint Bag

1 Bag of (100) 2006-P BU/MS 65 Jefferson Nickels Return to Monticello in Sealed U.S. Mint Bag.  Ships USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box.  *** Purchase of all 10 BU/MS 65 P & D (100) Count Mint Bags of 2006 P & D Return to Monticello and Westward Journey AMERICAN BISON, OCEAN IN VIEW, KEELBOAT, and OCEAN IN VIEW Jefferson Nickels for a Reduced Price is possible.

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