2008 Sealed BU Penny Box $25 - Memorial Cents Design Unsearched Unopened

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You are bidding on 1 (one) Memorial Cent Design box of US Cents, sealed, unsearched, and BU. Stated face value of box is $25 (twenty-fifty dollars)
Coin Collecting Enterprises BBB Business Review
A great coin collector treat! This penny box has not been opened, counted, examined, or verified for content by us and is being provided to you directly as we received it, with any potential errors andanomaliesinside.
To reiterate, we have NOT opened this box or examined contents. The year of production has been solely identified by looking through at visible coin dates through the holes in the box. All potential valuable coins from errors and more are fully available for you to search for. We can't guarantee any findings since we have not opened the box to look for them. We can, however, guarantee the fun and excitement of searching for them. Happy hunting!
Photograph illustrates an example of one box we have. Since we have several, the photograph may not depict the specific box you bought.
We will combine shipping up to two boxes to ensure the best and safest transportation to you as possible.
Note that these boxes are sealed so we have no way to determine the actual piece count inside other than they are clearly rolls of cents in a sealed $25 box. Should be accurate, however, since we are not searching, we can't guarantee. Apologies for any errors. But then again, looking for errors is the whole point and if they make errors on the count, hopefully that means lots of great errors inside!
Return Policy
***If the box has been opened, we will not accept returns as the sealed portion of this box is a huge part of the value***


Shipping includes tracking and insurance and signature confirmation.

There will be 1 flat rate medium sized box per order.

We double box (a box inside a box).

All edges of the box are covered with fiberglass filament reinforced paper tape.

The edges reinforced again to ensure your pennies are well protected.

Please use caution when lifting your box

We will place tracking on the box for tracking purposes to make sure you receive your pennies.

Insurance is included on all purchases (just in case)



***Canada Eliminates the Penny***

Metal Composition Legislation Change in Congress for Penny and Nickel.

Read about theEffects on the Pennyand read about theEffects on the Nickel

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The U.S. copper penny is made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. We give you the unique ability to invest your money simultaneously in the copper market and currency market. This is due to the metal value of copper pennies far outweighing their face value.
50 years ago, silver coins were very common in circulation. That ended when the silver metal content started to outweigh the face value. Wise investors realized the constant growth in inflation, devaluing of the dollar, and steady levels of metals would make holding onto the silver coins a great decision. We are now seeing this trend in copper pennies.
Why Buy Copper Pennies?

Gresham's law,

“Bad money drives good money out of circulation; the superior currency will tend to be hoarded and the inferior will thus dominate the circulation”
According to shadowstats.com inflation has breeched 10% using the same formula that was used pre 1990.Inflation can have a majornegative effect on an investment and greatly diminish returns.
Using the US Geological survey data; copper hasappreciated at a rate of 14% per year since the year 2000. Buying a commodity based investment ensures your investment will out pace inflation.

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Read about the Penny laws and our disclaimers for pennies:
You can also see the exact to date value of the copper penny by visitingCoinflation
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