2015 WDDR-004 ANACS MS66

READ note about ANACS holders.

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2015 Wexlers' WDDR-004  MS65 graded by ANACS.  Is this the 21st century 1955 doubled die??  Been selling in all grades.  Have 5 available in MS65 for your consideration.


Up for SALE today is  A 2015 Nebraska Homestead DOUBLED DIE quarter ANACS graded MS 66. 

Listed as one of the "Best of Variety" in Wexler's Doubled die listing!  The average die life of a working die is around 250,000 strikes, give or take, and there is no information if this die was taken out of service before it had run it's full life.   This may be a great investment for the future, and a lot less expensive than the famous 1955 doubled die cent!

Priced right for investment, graded and certified for your protection. 


Almost all ANACS holders show what appears to be moisture inside the holder.  This is an optical illusion and caused from the rubber filler touching the inside plastic surface. ANACS assures us it is not MOISTURE/OIL or anything else, inside their holders, and will in NO WAY affect the coin. 

ANACS states that they have NO INTENTIONS of correcting this problem, or replacing these holders, since they claim there is nothing wrong with their holders or material. Call them and ask if you don't believe me.  Google "ANACS COIN", it's a toll free number! 

 Call them TOLL FREE 1-800-888-1861 and ask.

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