Barbados  1976  10 CentsBarbados  1976  10 CentsBarbados  1976  10 Cents

Barbados 1976 10 Cents

Km21 co/ni Proof with lite stain

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I am a retired coin dealer and have thousands of world coins (I used to be a world coin collector) . I am going to sell them off slowly and will try to have a country or two each month. There are many interesting world coins to see. I have a lot of loose ones to sell and will put a few of these each month on the USA coin site...please bookmark my user ID is JOEKING. I will be selling the lower value ones by the bag. I have no two alike, all are different KM or Yeomen numbers. Many were priced 40 to 50 years it will take time to look them all up. Keep checking my list. I know I will have some you do not have...



I am going to start checking my records of how long each of my foreign coins have been posted and after four or five months I am going to start discounting keep a eye out for lower prices on most items. The changes will be indicated in the price.





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