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I am selling my entire collection, which consists of mostly 20th century coins, all USA coins. An overview:

Wheat Cents, complete but missing 3 coins, '09 S VDB, 1914 D and 1932 S.  There are an additional 2000  cents in tubes and rolls included. (3300 coins in all)

There are a handful of 19th century cents, including a 1809  Classic head. (The rarest Classic head)

A run of Liberty nickels 1901 to 1916 all P mint.

40 Buffalo Nickels different dates.

A complete set of Jefferson nickels up to 1970. There are about two dozen more modern nickels.

A semi complete set of barber dimes. (35 coins)

A complete set of Mercury dimes but missing 1916 D.

A complete set of Roosevelt dimes, up to 1974,  there are a dozen or so more modern coins, mostly D mint.

A complete set of Washington Quarters up to 1974, then semi complete to 2019 (about 60 coins)

A dozen Walking Liberty halves, mostly S mint.

A Complete Set of Franklin Halves. Missing none

A Complete Set of Kennedy halves up to 2021.this set includes the 1998 Matte finish and all silver strikes and all reverse proof strikes and all 2014 strikes. ( over 225 coins)

A semi complete set of Ike dollars, missing 2 coins, includes 1976 Bold and Thin lettering strikes. There are several brown Box Ikes and Blue Envelope UNC strikes

A complete set of Susan B Anthony dollars including the 1999 P & D strikes. All UNC.

A complete set of Presidential dollars, including over 50 extra UNC strikes. ( 154 coins)

A set of Proof sets, includes a run from 1955 to 1998. Includes a complete set of Prestige Proof Sets and a complete set of the American legacy sets. This is almost a complete set of Proof sets. Missing 1999, 2002, 2004, and 2010 to 2017.  There a mix of Clad and Silver sets where they were available. (over 100 proof sets)

42 UNC Mint sets, mostly from the 60's, 70's and 80's, a few from the 90's.

Over 40 Commemorative Silver dollars, includes four sets of three dollars. There are two doubles. 

This list is not inclusive, there are single coins of other types. I know I have missed some but this list is the bulk of it. Plus I intend to keep adding to it until it sells. 

I will understand if a buyer does not want all the Wheat cents, that is alot of weight to ship. I wish to sell this as a whole collection. The buyer will pay for shipping.  I estimate a shipping cost of $600.00, but the buyer will only pay the true cost. 

At the current price of silver the collection is worth right at 15K, I would like to get 12K. After all it is about 6000 coins including the proof sets. 

Please, serious inquiries only. Questions will be answered in a timely manner. I did not include any photos due to the size of this. But photos can be taken.

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