Extremely RARE mint error coin!!   PCGS MS-63 RB 1972 1c Lincoln DDO FS-104 (033

Extremely RARE mint error coin!! PCGS MS-63 RB 1972 1c Lincoln DDO FS-104 (033

PCGS certified Lincoln Memorial Cent mint error coin. PCGS valued at $3,000

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MS-63 RB
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MS-63 RB
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The following description of this error variety is from Wexler's Coin and Die Varieties website:

1972 1¢ WDDO-004         "Best Of" Variety

Description:  A close Class I CCW spread shows on IGWT.  Doubling also shows on the lower LIB of LIBERTY and the 2.

Die Markers:  Obverse Stage A:  A short but strong die gouge protrudes from the rim well north of the L in LIBERTY.  There are no rim cuds as in Stages B and C.  Obverse Stage B:  A rim cud (die break) shows to the left of the L of LIBERTY.  Obverse Stage C:  Several rim cuds show between 8:00 and 10:00.  Reverse Stage A:  Three nearly parallel die scratches extend SW from the bottom of the N in UNITED.  A short, vertical die gouge can be found inside the upper N of UNITED.  A die scratch connects the centers of the A and T of STATES.  Numerous die scratches run west to east above and below the Memorial  Reverse Stage B:  Same as Stage A markers.  Reverse Stage C:  Same as Stage A markers.

Submitted By:  Stage A: Joseph Koelling, Stage B & C: John A. Wexler

Cross References:  CONECA: 4-O-I, Cherrypickers: FS-01-1972-104 (033.54), Crawford: CDDO-004, Coppercoins: 1972P-1DO-004

Values:  A PCGS AU58 specimen of this variety sold at a Teletrade auction for $2,990.  The sale took place on Sunday, March 11, 2012 and the final price realized includes a 15% buyer's premium charged by Teletrade.

Comments:  This doubled die variety has proven to be very rare.  It has been suggested that the rims cuds, especially those seen on Stage C, may be evidence that the obverse die deteriorated rapidly and fell far short of a normal die run.  Additional evidence that this variety had a very short die run comes in the fact that the several different stages of the reverse die for this variety can be found without the doubled obverse die.

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