Lot of 5 RAW Mint State 1970s Small Date Lincoln Cents. Easily MS 65+ IMHO

Picked from a $50 bag of 1970s Cents from the San Francisco Assay Office.

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Mint State and Gorgeous
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Mint State and Gorgeous

Lot of Five Mint State 1970s Small Date Lincoln Memorial Cents.  These were picked from a $50 bag of pennies ordered that year from the San Francisco Assay Office and were forgotten about for over 40 years in a closet.  Each coin has beautiful mint luster with a bag mark here or there.  Hopefully the images provided will give a better idea of condition and quality.  Each coin carefully rechecked under an 8x Loupe using all known methods of identification with the final call being made on the hook and font of the 9 in the date.  There all legit.  

Who knows what one may be worth if slabbed by PCGS.

I've looked at a handful of grading sites and done a lot of research with photo comparisons and I'm certain they are easily MS 65 and up.    

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