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Scarce 1904 S Morgan #905Scarce 1904 S Morgan #905Scarce 1904 S Morgan #905Scarce 1904 S Morgan #905

Scarce 1904 S Morgan #905

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Up for bid is a Morgan dated 1904 S Morgan minted in San Francisco.  Only 2.3 million were minted!  The coin a good amount of detail and it has no major flaws that I can see.  There is no reserve.

NOTE:  I have been buying and selling coins for over 15 years, more as a hobby than anything else.  I am not a numismatist nor a professional photographer.  I try to take all my photos in natural sunlight but even then the light source can change (clouds for example) and so the image of the coin may change in terms of brightness.  ALSO, all of the coins I offer have come from a dealer, an estate sale, a coin show, or an on-line auction.  If I suspect a coin has been cleaned in any way, I try to remember to note that in the description.  Again, I am not an expert.  If the coin is very bright but the high points on the coin are worn, this is an indication to me that it has been cleaned and maybe even polished.  I do my very best to present an authentic product in a clear manner for a fair price.

I will send the coin in a padded envelope via USPS first class mail soon after payment is received.  Due to travel restrictions, it may not be mailed within the usual one business day that is my normal.
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