AWESOME gift for a young collector, survivalist, or mall ninja!

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Do you have a young coin collector on your holiday gift-giving list?
Are you a history buff or coin collector yourself?
Any birthdays, graduations or other gift-giving opportunities on the horizon?
This Tactical Morgan Silver Dollar makes an AWESOME gift for a young collector, survivalist, or mall ninja!
This listing is for an authentic 1921 Morgan silver dollar. The listing includes one genuine 90% silver Morgan Dollar in AU/BU condition, and a cotton storage bag with a drawstring. It's a celebration of the 100-year-old 1921 Morgan silver dollar. This tongue-in-cheek TACTICAL MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR is a gift that makes people smile! laugh
What makes this 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar “tactical”?
1. This coin is an authentic US Morgan Silver Dollar minted in 1921. It has a cash value of $1 US. You could spend it anywhere that USD are accepted. A few factors make this coin worth significantly more than $1, however.
Silver is a globally traded precious metal. The price of silver fluctuates with the market demand and supply, and like gold, silver is a universal trade currency.
Buyers/traders of silver coins include coin collectors, and precious metal collectors and dealers. Of course, the silver dollar is legal tender in the US where its spend-value is just $1.
The pure silver content is 0.7734 ounces. Multiply the silver content by the current price of silver to determine the silver value. 
This coin is 100 years old and it still looks like new. The coin condition is solid evidence that the coin is a survivor!
2. Silver has been used as an effective antimicrobial agent for over 1000 years. Additionally, as everyone knows, silver is toxic to vampires.
3. By keeping this silver dollar in your pocket or purse, no matter where you go and no matter what happens, you’ll NEVER BE BROKE. You’ll always have something of value that other people would trade their goods and services for.
We'll include an airtight capsule for your Morgan and a 1 ounce AVDP copper copy of the "Fugio Cent", the FIRST OFFICIAL US coin for circulation. You can read more about the Fugio Cent below.*
1921 was the final year for the Morgan dollar. The beautiful Morgan silver dollars (90% silver) were minted from 1878 until 1904, and then again for a final single year in 1921. The Morgan dollars were minted at 5 US mints: Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D) and San Francisco, as well as New Orleans (O) Carson City Nevada (CC). Over 270 MILLION Morgan silver dollars were melted down in 1918 to support the allies in World War I.
The Morgan dollar was replaced by the Peace dollar (1921 to 1928, and again in 1934 and 1935)  which commemorated end of World War I (in 1918).

*Have you ever seen or even heard of a FUGIO CENT? This odd looking US copper coin designed by Benjamin Franklin was the very first US coin minted for general circulation. The coin’s value was $1.00, even though it’s called a “cent”. Several versions of this coin were minted, all in 1787, or at least dated 1787. Most of the existing original coins are in shoddy condition; if you had a pristine Fugio Cent however, it might be worth $10,000 or more!

This coin is a 1 AVDP ounce pure copper copy of the 1787 Fugio Cent. The copy is true to the original on both the obverse and reverse (compare photos). On the obverse, note the sun shining brightly over the sundial in the coin center, and the word FUGIO to its left.

The word “FUGIO” is a latin word meaning “to flee” or “to fly”. Together, the word FUGIO and the sundial create a word puzzle (rebus) that represents that time flies, or time continues to pass, regardless of circumstances.

The “Mind Your Business” at the bottom of the coin is generally interpreted as “pay attention to your own affairs”. Together, the words and image on the obverse could mean “Invest your valuable time in your own affairs (business).”

The reverse consists of 13 interlocking rings representing the 13 original colonies. The center of the coin contains the words “WE ARE ONE”, encircled by the words UNITED STATES. The image represents that the 13 original colonies are independent, yet they are also INTER-dependent (dependent upon each other). Together, the words and image represents the independence of the colonies and their dependence upon each other.

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