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Uncirculated Peace Dollar 1923 DUncirculated Peace Dollar 1923 DUncirculated Peace Dollar 1923 DUncirculated Peace Dollar 1923 D

Uncirculated Peace Dollar 1923 D

P mint mark has over 30 Million but D only has 6 m Reserve lowered

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MS 62
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Raw / Unspecified

Very bright uncirculated coin. Great detail. It is well worth over 80 bucks but I'm not asking that much. It has the LOWEST mintage in 1923. P mint has over 30 million and S has over 19 million D ONLY HAS 6 Million!!! My reserve is low and I'm sure that you will meet it. These photos were took without flash so you guys know exactly what you are buying. Coin (trust worthy) lists this coin for 90 bucks. For some reason the pictures turned out weird but this coin is really white and bright like the last photo.

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