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US Large Cent Collection 1793-1857

My Collection Nr. 2

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Item Description

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from Fair to Very Fine

US Large Cent Collection

(Collection Nr. 2)


I am selling one of my US Large Cent Collections to the highest bidder.

This US Large Cent collection is nearly complete, it contains one coin from each year, from 1793 to 1857. There are two exceptions: one is 1799, where the coin is so worn I cannot verify its date accurately; the other is 1804, where again the coin is very worn. I have done my best to identify and grade the coins accurately. Most of the coins are in Fair condition, but there are some very interesting examples as well. Some of them are to be seen on this listing here- but I have taken pictures of the obverse and reverse of each coin, as well as some detailed pictures too, and listed them here on USA Coinbook in my own Personal Coin Book. If you need more pictures than these, or have any questions, please feel free to write to me at: pikahpaws(at) The link to see the individual coins is here:


****To prevent confusion the coins in this collection are all clearly marked as being "from my Collection Nr. 2"****



Type Year Variant   Grade
Flowing Hair Large Cent    
  1793 Vines & Bars   G
Liberty Cap Large Cent    
  1794 Head of 1795   VG
  1795 Damaged   Fair
Draped Bust Large Cent    
  1796 Reverse of 1795   G
  1797 Reverse of 1797   Fair
  1798 Reverse of 1795   Fair
  1799 Questionable!   Fair
  1800     Fair
  1801     Fair
  1802 Stemless Wreath   VG
  1803 Large Date & Large Fraction   Fair
  1804 Questionable!   Fair
  1805     G
  1806     Fair
  1807/6 Large 7/6, pointed 1   Fair
Classic Head Large Cent    
  1808     VG
  1809     Fair
  1810     Fair
  1811     VF
  1812 Small date   Fair
  1813     Fair
  1814 Plain 4   Fair
Coronet Liberty Head Large Cent    
  1816     G
  1817 15 Stars   G
  1818     Fair
  1819 Large date   VG
  1820 Small date   G-
  1821     Fair
  1822     G
  1823 3 over 2   VF-
  1824 4 over 2   G
  1825     G-
  1826     VG
  1827     VG
  1828 Large narrow date   G-
  1829 Medium letters   G-
  1830 Large letters   VG
  1831 Medium letters   G
  1832 Large letters   F
  1833     VG
  1834 Small 8 & large stars   G
  1835 Small 8 & small stars   G
  1836 Damaged   Fair
  1837 Small letters & plain cord   VG
  1838     VG-
  1839 Silly Head   F-
Braided Hair Liberty Head Large Cent    
  1840 Small date   VG
  1841     F
  1842     VF
  1843 Petit Head   VG
  1844     F
  1845     VG
  1846 Small Date   F
  1847     F-
  1848     F
  1849     F-
  1850     VG
  1851     VG
  1852     F
  1853     VG
  1854     VF
  1855 Upright 5's   F
  1856 Slanted 5   VF
  1857 Large Date   VF


These coins are currently located in Germany. I am perfectly happy to ship the coins to any country in the world. I will send the coins via insured post, airmail, the cost of this is €95 (around US$120), on top of the winning bid. If the winning bid should exceed US$6200 I will have to send the coins in two separate packages (due to insurance purposes.) In that case I will pay for the second package. If there is any confusion about this please feel free to write to me and ask any questions that will help clear things up.

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