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U.S. State and territory Quarters PLUS Quarter Framed Gallery !!

Uncirculated Condition and in Plastic Case

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Collector Grade. Uncirculated
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US Mint

You want to have this Collection. This is The U.S. Quarter Framed Gallery.A collection of the quarters of all U.S. states and territory, released by U.S. Mint. The frame gallery is new and I just added the coins as you will see in the pictures. All the coins are in a never circulated condition, collector grade.

There are5 coinsmissing this collection:state of Illinois, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and The Northern Mariana Islands.This scarce collection had apurchase value of over $250 at the timeof its release.Nowthe promotion is over its value has increased all the more.

If you have any question, please, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for looking at my listing. Good luck!

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