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Wanted, entire 4 coin 2009-P CIRCULATED set

NOT uncirculated! Want CIRCULATED only.

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I am new to coin collecting. My collection is for my enjoyment and desire to preserve history. My collection isn't for the purpose of a financial investment that I will sell at a later time in hopes of making a profit. My goal and investment is simply for my personal preservation of history. I also prefer circulated coins, because they actually have more "history" then an uncirculated or "proof" coin. I like to ponder th mysteries of the possibilities of who held that coin and what did it buy? LOL

apparently because of the way the federal reserve system distributes new coins, and the fact I am in Dallas where one federal reserve bank is located, obtaining circulated "P" coins is not an easy thing to accomplish. As from what I understand. I have gone through almost $200 worth of rolls of pennies that I have obtained from several local banks, and have yet to find a single 2009 "P" penny. I have obtained all four 2009-D cents though.

I am willing to pay $4 for an entire set, Without major flaws. MS-60 possibly??? As long as they are coins pulled out of circulation.



(also looking for 2007-2014 circulated dollar coins, half dollars, and various quarters from both mints)