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Well Preserved HUGE "O" With Arrows Coin with Good Detail

Good to Almost VG with Arrows and minted HUGE "O" COLLECTORS ITEM!!!

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Seated Liberty Half Dollar Silver Coin that has very good detail. Has been kept as a collectors item for many decades and stored in a plastic case. The 1854-O Huge O Quarter Dollar is a very unusual variety, because the mintmark is large, misshapen, and unlike the O mintmark on any other coin from this year or from any other.  For this reason, experts believe the mintmark was either re-worked or added by hand to a die that the Philadelphia Mint shipped to New Orleans minus a mintmark (the Philadelphia Mint supplied all the dies to the branch mints, and added the mintmarks before shipping out the dies).  A similar situation occured in 1870, when the San Francisco Mint received a reverse die for a Three-Dollar Gold piece without a mintmark, leading to the unique 1870-S $3 gold piece.  Walter Breen claimed to have discovered the 1854-O Huge O Quarter Dollar in 1954, exactly one hundred years after its issuance.

According to the November 2011 PCGS Population Report, the certified population of the 1854-O Huge O is half that of the regular 1854-O Quarter Dollar, making it scarce but not rare.  Larry Briggs noted the existence of a single Uncirculated example, but gave no other information.  As of November 2011, no Mint State examples have been certified by PCGS.  Rather, the finest examples graded by them are two AU-58's.  Since 1994, the highest price realized at auction by an 1854-O Huge O Quarter Dollar was $12,075 (PCGS estimated grade XF45) in a July 2005 auction.

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