stephen11's 1996 W Roosevelt Dimes : West Point Mint Mark

Clad Composition

Mintage: 1,457,000
Minted at: West Point

Designer - Engraver: John R Sinnock
Metal Composition: 91.67% Copper - 8.33% Nickel

Diameter: 17.9 mm
Mass / Weight: 2.27 grams

What this coin looks like (obverse, reverse, mint mark location, special features, etc.):
1996 W Roosevelt Dime

The West Point Mint produced the very special 1996 W Roosevelt Dime to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt Dime coin series which began in 1946. This dime was not issued for general circulation but only for collectors. In addition: This special 1996 W dime is the only non-bullion coin ever produced by the US West Point Mint since this facility usually only produces the bullion coins.

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MELT VALUE: $0.0149

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