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We are a small mom and pop brick and mortar with 3 girls 2 to 13 and do some online sales as well. It is a hobby so it will take awhile to get things in place. We are migrating most of our stuff from ebay eventually planning on closing our store and limiting our sales through that outlet. You will find a variety of coins from circulated to MS. Certified coins are presented as to what PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG etc have determined, raw ungraded coins are represent by identifiers used by online resource to describe the item. Generally, our policy is NO Returns with that being said, if we represent an item incorrectly, we will professionally address the situation.Out of 518 ebay feedbacks a refused return ended with the 518th being negative feedback (NO RETURN ITEM, buyer said didn't like it and said corrosion becauses a "dealer friend said so", offered return with restock fee/declined by buyer coin was cerified ANACS MS62 RB ")_and thus prior to purchase we encourage you to ask questions, look at photos, cross reference the identifier, get opinion from others etc and then make YOUR choice PRIOR to purchase. This will minimize cost to us and to YOU. If you find something different than we represent, please educate us immediately as our intent is NOT to deceive or "cheat" one out of their money but_rather to earn it. We review actual sales and a variety of inputs on pricing so we will consider offers but a coin ends up being what one is willing to pay and each is unique to another. So for those that help feed the kids, we THANK YOU and hope our relationship ends as a win win win. USA Coin Book, You and US!

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