America the Beautiful (ATB) 5 Oz Silver

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Finish your America the Beautiful (ATB) 5 Oz Silver Quarters collection from the U.S. Mint with us.

What makes us unique? All our ATB 5 ounce coins are certified with either NGC or PCGS and registered on their respective registry. You can be assured that we are the owners of the coins as each coin has a unique number and only one person can have this unique number in the respective NGC and PCGS registry. The registries allow the owners to display their coins in competitive sets. By having the coins in the sets we can prove that we own the coin.

Steps to prove that we own the coin:

  1. Validate that this coin is in the NGC or PCGS registered coins set
  2. From the coin's web page, press the "Contact" button and ask us to remove the coin from the set
  3. Wait for our response and then recheck the set to verify that the coin was removed

By removing the coin from the set, we prove that we have possession of the coin. Once you buy the coin, we will release the registration to you. Our sets are at NGC sets and PCGS sets.

We have over 70 ATB coins including sets with all the coins for 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 and other DISCOUNTED ATB sets. So, you are sure to find you favorite National Park coin for sale. We also have a few other 5 Oz SILVER rounds and GOLD coins.

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