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This store is devoted primarily to coins with die varieties such as doubled dies, repunched mint marks (RPMs), over mint marks (OMMs), repunched dates, and overdates.  I am the John A. Wexler that has authored or coauthored numerous books on doubled dies and RPMs.  As a result, the listings in this store will be heavily represented by doubled dies and repunched mint marks.  However, over the many years of searching quantities of coins for die varieties I have also come across a significant number of other error coins that I will ultimately be listing for sale in this store.  I also have a significant number of "regular" coins that I need to dispose of.  Check back often to see what new listings have been added and I hope that you will visit my website Wexler's Die Varieties at http://www.doubleddie.com.  Good luck with all of your collecting efforts.


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