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At Nick's Curios, we have everything. Are you looking for a 1907 High Relief with a wire rim? We have that in stock and graded by NGC at AU DETAILS. Do you want an 1889-CC Morgan Dollar? We have that in stock and graded by PCGS at AU53 in a PCGS limited edition, 30th Anniversary holder. Please e-mail us with any questions about any coin that we have listed or any coin that you may be looking for. We may just have it in stock!

BUY ONE LISTING AND GET SHIPPING FOR FREE FOR EACH ADDITIONAL PURCHASE IN YOUR ORDER. Just check out the additional shipping charges under each listing for further details! If we haven't shipped out your coins yet, get back to us to waive any additional shipping charges on any additional purchases.

Any international shipping (outside of the United States) will cost more than the shipping stated in each listing, so e-mail me to discuss any purchase that will need to be shipped internationally. Also, any international customer whose purchase is over $1,000 will be charged an additional 1.5% on his purchase to cover PayPal's additional fees for converting currency. Refunds will be given if the international customer did not know of this surcharge before purchasing and does not want to pay the additional 1.5% on his purchase.

Buyers have 3 days to pay for an invoice via PayPal. Should the invoice not be paid in that time or we not be told by the customer that it will be paid via a personal check, money order, or upon pickup, the transaction will be cancelled and relisted. All personal checks are held until they clear.


All orders are normally shipped on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after 3:00PM EDT except on a holiday. Sometimes orders are shipped on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during holiday weeks.

MAXIMUM U.S. SHIPPING COST PER ORDER: $3.99 ($3.85 minimum)! Buy 1 listing or 20 and your shipping cost will never exceed $3.99!

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