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I started collecting coins in grade school during the early 1970's, continuing on and off til the late 1980's. That's when I realized I'd never be able to afford the collection I truly wanted. So, I started selling my collection through a mail order list. CFMC (Coins from Mark Clewell) I started going to shows to buy inventory for my growing business. I was sending out 300 plus envelopes with my little list monthly. Cherry picking varieties to increase my profits. I couldn't believe it, two years earlier I'd have never dreamed of owning a 1972 Lincoln Doubled Die in PCGS 66 Red (That coin is probably in a 67 holder today) Anyway I was getting to own some really great coins, yes I had to sell them but they were mine for a short while. I found myself sending coins to John Wexler for attribution, and getting my name in his book. Next thing you know I have a new discovery and it's listed in The Cherrypickers' Guide. I was offered membership in PNG but, my home life was falling apart and divorce soon followed. I liquidated everything but a hundred or so varieties no one really wanted to pay for. (Thank you Geoff Fultz for holding them for me)

In the mid 2000's I began rebuilding, and after some location changes etc. I'm now married to a wonderful lady who lets me continue to dabble in coins.

And hence here I am with this store.

S & H is a flat rate $5.00 for any amount you order.

1 coin or 50 coins it's just $5.00.

14 day return in un opened holders or bags.

Buyer pays return costs, I am not responsible for uninsured returns.


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