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Auction #95129 Bidding History

Auction Number: 95129
Buy 1979-s pr69dcam type 2
1979-s pr69dcam type 2
use photos to grade will ship with tracking number. check shipping prices below

Seller: robobird

Current Price: $12.00

High Bidder: h***x
Bidders: 1     Bids: 1    Ended: July 12 2015 01:34:00 PM CDT    Duration: 3 Days

Currently winning the auction: h***x
Bidder Bid Amount Time of Bid:
h***x (92) $12.00 July 12 2015 03:02:31 AM CDT
Starting Price $12.00 July 9 2015 01:34:00 PM CDT
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