About Us

USA Coin Book was created by an expert of coin collecting - with 22+ years of experience and expertise in the coin collecting, numismatics, coin valuation and coin information - and is also a physicist with computer programming and web development experience. We know what our coin collectors want and one of our philosophies is to make this site as simple, organized and easy to use as possible. That means organizing coin prices and values in such a way that a visitor can reach any coin price with literally only one click from the homepage. The idea itself to create this site started out of the blue on June 12th, 2010 along with the purchase of the domain. Development then began and this site launched shortly later on August 6th, 2010.

We also tried to make this site provide a sort of marketplace atmosphere for buyers and sellers. Members can view collections from other members and access their entire "Coin Book" consisting of their sales inventory, auctions, wishlist and personal collection by viewing their personal page. We know this kind of feature can come in handy if you are a coin dealer or if you want to get on the computer and quickly show people your inventory over the internet on a single page.

This site charges no fees at all for dealers to sell their coins in a regular "Buy Now" format where you can display your coins indefinitely in a "store front" of sorts. Dealers or just regular collectors can sell coins and supplies in auctions as well ranging from durations between 1 day and 1 month with no listing fees either. We do charge a 2% final value fee (not including any PayPal fees) which will support our overhead, administration and maintenance costs. That means we make money only when you do.

There is a huge difference between ebay and our site in many ways. First of all, ebay regularly charges lots of flat listing fees and listing upgrade fees whether your product gets sold or not. In some cases, if your product does get sold, their final value fees can reach 9% or more, which is on top of all the other fees. This cuts out a huge chuck of profits for the dealers and sellers and also adds risks that you may lose money if your product doesn't get sold. In the end, the buyer usually has to pay more money to cover the fees that the sellers have to pay so they can make a profit, even if the dealers do not want to do this. Everyone loses with high fees and we feel the pain that other buyers and sellers feel.

Marketing Potential

Another major difference at USA Coin Book is the laser-fine targeted marketing potential and specialization with coins. Our site is designed so that you can choose to list your product under a specific coin page. For instance, if you have an 1874 S $5 Gold Half Eagle Coin, you can choose to list it here: 1874 S Gold $5 Coronet Matron Head Half Eagle, which is a specific and permanent page which contains lots of keywords and your coin will be listed here (and also automatically in the Coronet/Matron Head Half Eagle category, General Half Eagles category and the Home Page).

Why is this good? Because your auction and "for sale" listing will appear on a permanent page, which allows people to easily find the page through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when they search for "Gold Half Eagle 1874 S" for example. And your coin will be cataloged right into this page where a targeted audience will see it and find exactly what they were looking to buy. To put it short, it's basically free advertising and traffic that you can get on our site that may not be available to you or your own dealer websites otherwise!

There are many, many frequently visited specific pages like the ones in the example search links above that contain valuable information about the coin but may not have coins listed for sale or auction. This is basically a free opportunity to get your sales inventory listed on a frequently trafficked page!

Bullion and Precious Metals - Coin Prices

Coins and precious metal bullion often go together quite well. So we added some popular features for US Coin Melt Values and Coin Melt Calculators. On these pages, you can view what all of the metal in a coin is worth in just about every US coin without numismatic value consideration. Best of all, the precious metal prices update live so the price tables are live as well. Even our numismatic prices tables for gold and silver coins will change live when factoring in the current precious metal prices. Of course, you can also use our calculators to experiment with different metal prices. Much of the information, applications and tools found here cannot be found anywhere else!

Not only can you sell US Bullion Coins on our site, you can also sell in our Bullion in General section, items such as bars, ingots, nuggets or non-specific coins that contain precious bullion.