Selling Coins Online at USA Coin Book


We tried to make the process of selling coins online as easy and as simple as possible. This guide will explain step-by-step instructions on getting your coins listed. A few important things to note is that both dealers and the casual collector can sell coins, coin supplies and any other thing related to coins. There are no listing fees at all. The only fee associated with USA Coin Book is a 2% final value fee (not including the PayPal fee). Customers can shop through your BIN (Buy It Now) store in a "shopping cart" fashion, which also makes us different than eBay and most other marketplaces. Instead of receiving 25 separate invoices from PayPal for 25 different coins, you will get one single invoice.

When you create an account with us, you get your own exclusive coin book with an URL format like: "". So if you ever want to quickly show off your collection or inventory, such as at a coin show, coin dealer, business card or a discussion forum for example, you can direct them to a short and easy-to-remember page URL where they can view your coin book of collections, auctions, sales and wishlist.

A huge advantage with listing coins at USA Coin Book is the laser-fine targeted marketing potential. Our site is designed so that you can choose to list your product under a specific coin page. For instance, if you have a 1955 Double Die Obverse Lincoln Wheat Cent, you can choose to list it here: 1955 Double Die Obverse Lincoln Wheat Cent, which is a specific and permanent page which contains lots of keywords and your coin will be listed here (and also automatically in the Lincoln wheat cent category, small cent category and the Home Page). Why is this good? Because your auction listing will appear on a permanent page, which allows people to easily find the page through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when they search for "1955 Double Die Obverse Lincoln Cents for Sale" for example. And your coin will be cataloged right into this page where a targeted audience will see it and find exactly what they were looking to buy!

Getting started - How to put coins up for sale

Step 1: The first thing all sellers must do is Register an account with us.

Step 2: After you have logged in, click My Coin Book >> Sell Coins. Next, select the categories from the drop down menu. On the next page, choose your coin from the table and click the "Sell" link on the far right side of that corresponding item. Fill out and submit your product details to go live. That's it!

Note: A PayPal ID is required in order to sell products. That way buyers can instantly and safely purchase the products at any time. If you are a dealer or someone who is selling a lot of products, you can store your PayPal ID into your profile one time and it will automatically be entered into each form thereafter instead of manually typing it in for each item you want to sell. To do this, click My Coin Book >> Edit Profile and enter it in.

Shipping Cost Policy

Since customers can shop through your store in a "shopping cart" fashion, we need to consider shipping cost issues when a customer purchases multiple items. To prevent over-charging for shipping, the seller must place a regular shipping price for the first item and a shipping cost for the purchase of more than one item. The most expensive shipping cost for an item will become the base shipping rate. Added to this base rate will be the additional shipping costs of the additional items.

Here is an example of a purchase:

  • Item 1: Cost = $15, Shipping = $5, Additional shipping for multiple items = $0.50
  • Item 2: Cost = $1500, Shipping = $80, Additional shipping for multiple items = $50
  • Item 3: Cost = $10, Shipping = $2.50, Additional shipping for multiple items = $0.25
  • Total Shipping Costs: $80.75

In this example, the base shipping rate is $80 since that is the most expensive shipping cost. The rest of the items will use the additional shipping rate of $0.50 for item 1 and $0.25 for item 3, instead of adding $5 and $2.50 for those items.

Important: Please read our Fees Policy and Information Page before selling.