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This is what happens when a hobby gets out of control! My brother, John, needed some help to winnow down his stash of junk silver coins ("junk silver" -- 90% silver US coins minted before 1965 where the melt value of the silver is likely worth more than the numismatic value of the coin). I built an Etsy shop (Red Storm Coins) and we began clearing out his stashin 2018.

Our little hobby business flourished during the pandemic, and we bought a lot of inventory of all sorts to sell at fair prices. Today, we specialize in modern US coins from 1900 to the present, with a huge assortment of American Silver Eagles of all pedigrees, Morgan and Peace silver dollars, proof coins and proof sets, as well as most US Mint products and, of course, junk silver. Looking for something special? We may have it -- please ask, and if we don't have what you're looking for, we can probably point you to a trusted member of our network who can help.

While Etsy has been very good for us, their fees and restrictions suck! We haven't been very active on, but we have a lot of items to add -- and we can charge less here than we charge on Etsy! We also have a website: The posted prices on our site are full retail (about what we have on Etsy), but we can generally offer discounts for friends and family. If you see something on our site, please ask me about a discount before you buy it!

We also sell a lot of silver bullion, including rolls of American Silver Eagles and rolls of other bullion currencies like the Canadian Maple Leaf and the British Britannia 1 ounce .999 silver coins. We generally have 1 ounce generic silver rounds on hand, as well as copper bullion coins and gold coins.

We're members of the Mesa Coin Club in Mesa Arizona, and we sell every month at the Phoenix area's only regularly scheduled coin shows (the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Shriners Auditorium in Phoenix).

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