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1882 S Morgan Silver Dollar - nice coin except obverse dirty, see reverse detail

Purdy? It's too dirty - I can't grade it so let's auction it start at melt price

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It could be purdy, but it's too dirty...


No idea what kind of crud is on the obverse of this otherwise excellent condition coin. The date is hard to read in regular room light but when I scanned it the date shows sharply because of the contrast in lighting. See the reverse and tail feathers, I figure this coin might be graded Fine (my opinion) if it hadn't taken a mud bath or whatever the discoloration is.

So, let's just auction it off and see what it's worth to you. FREE SHIPPING as always. It's not going to be the beauty of your collection, but it's certainly worth melt, cull or low grade value, or to fill a date in your collection as a placeholder.

Whatever it is, I'm not dumb enough to try to clean it.


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