US Coin and Numismatic Resources

This page is a collective directory of valuable and generally non-commercial coin resources. It is highly possible that you may not have found the information you were looking for on our site, especially if it is specific. You may be able to find what you are looking for here as there are some excellent sites and information collected by other people who have specialized in numismatics and coins for many years.

Top Numismatic Resources

  • US Coin Values Advisor - One of the best resources online for coin value trends and coin collecting in general. US Coins Values Advisor also offers descriptions on coin types, data on ultra rare coin sales, information and articles about buying, selling and auctioning coins, a numismatic glossary and information about coin grading, investment calculators and many more resources.

  • CoinHELP! Collectors Resource - An all-around resource for coin collectors with resources dedicated to US coins, US Gold Coins, Colonials, Mint Errors, US Patterns and more. CoinHELP! also has an active online discussion forum, informative numismatic articles, coin prices and other guides.

  • Coin Quest - Free Online Coin Appraisal - An excellent online and free coin appraisal service. Find your coin or place any coin up for appraisal, including both US and World coins. If you have a coin and don't know what it is or how much it is worth, we highly recommend visiting Coin Quest.

Online Discussion Forums and Message Boards

  • Coin Talk - An excellent coin collecting community with a huge discussion forum. If you have an interesting coin that we can't identify or find the value for, we recommend posting it in the forum for hundreds of other collectors and coin experts to give their opinion.

  • Collectors Universe Message Board - One of the largest and most active forums for coin collectors and numismatics. Collectors Universe is also a forum for other types of collectibles besides coins.

  • Type Set Coin Collecting - A place to share and discuss coin collecting topics. Also dedicated to type, theme and variety coin sets. Also provides educational collector resources.

Coin News and Blogs

  • Numismatic News - One of the oldest and most popular new sources concerning numismatics, US coin collecting and paper money. Provides weekly reports on market trends and numismatics, both in online and magazine format.

Major Coin and Numismatic Directories

  • Coin Sheet Links - Contains a directory one of the largest, comprehensive, world-wide online listing of websites on the internet for numismatics, coin related resources, coin clubs and dealers. They also have major sister-site directories for Gold and Energy sites.

  • Coin investing & numismatics - 2-Clicks Coins is an online coin investing & numismatic guide & complete coin resources for investors & collectors : Find informative coin currency investment & collecting articles, links, coins ads & exchange, numismatic terms, dictionary & glossary.

Bullion and Precious Metals

  • Analyzing Metals - A scientific site with topics on analyzing metals, including gold, silver and platinum precious metals used in bullion coin production. This article is about numismatic investments and how modern, non-destructive techiques can verify precious metal content in coins.

Foreign and World Coins

  • J & M Coins - Specialized dealer in Canadian coins, precious metals and more.

Ancient Coins

  • Wildwinds Ancient Coins - An excellent resource for anything you want to know about the ancient coins. Includes references, attributions, valuations and many pictures for ancient Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Celtic and English coins.