US Platinum Coin Melt Values

Current Intrinsic Metal Value of US Platinum Coins

The chart below shows how much money platinum coins are worth based on their intrinsic values. Although these are generally collectible coins, they are also used for platinum bullion investment because of the metal content. View the charge below to see the value of all US platinum bullion coins ever made. Click on the links to view the additional numsimatic values of these coins or to buy, sell and auction them here at USA Coin Book.

Current Precious and Base Metal Bullion Spot Prices:

Updated Live! Gold, Silver, Platinum and Copper. Updated Daily: Nickel, Zinc and Manganese.
As of February 28 2024 10:47 PM CST:
Gold: $2047.32 per Ounce
Silver: $22.70 per Ounce
Platinum: $899.82 per Ounce
Copper: $3.84 per Pound
Nickel: $7.47 per Pound
Zinc: $1.08 per Pound
Manganese: $1790.00 per Ton

Image Type Description Metal Content Weight Denomination Melt Value
Bullion Coins
$10 American Platinum Eagle Tenth Ounce    Tenth Ounce $10 American Platinum Eagle (1997-2008)99.95% Platinum3.112 grams$10.00$89.9848
$25 American Platinum Eagle Quarter Ounce    Quarter Ounce $25 American Platinum Eagle (1997-2008) 99.95% Platinum7.78 grams$25.00$224.9620
$50 American Platinum Eagle Half Ounce    Half Ounce $50 American Platinum Eagle (1997-2008)99.95% Platinum15.56 grams$50.00$449.9239
$100 American Platinum Eagle One Ounce    One Ounce $100 American Platinum Eagle (1997-Present)99.95% Platinum31.12 grams$100.00$899.8479
American Palladium Eagle Bullion Coins    American Palladium Eagle Bullion Coins (2017-Present)99.95% Palladium31.12 grams$0.0000

Platinum Coin Melt Value Calculator

Use this calculator to find the value of your platinum coins. Choose from the different platinum weight denomination coins made in US history and enter how many you have. The current platinum market exchange spot price is automatically inputted into the calculator but you can also change this to different prices as well.

View the following link: Platinum Coin Melt Value Calculator.

Platinum Metal Spot Prices and Charts

24 hour platinum spot price chart

6 month platinum spot price chart 1 year platinum spot price chart 5 year platinum spot price chart

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