1829 Capped Bust Dimes : Curl Base 2

Small Type - Reduced Size

Mintage: N/A
Minted at: Philadelphia

Designer - Engraver: John Reich
Metal Composition: 89% Silver - 11% Copper

Diameter: 18.5 mm
Mass / Weight: 2.7 grams

What this coin looks like (obverse, reverse, mint mark location, special features, etc.):
1829 Curl Base 2 Capped Bust Dime
The 1829 Curl Base 2 Capped Bust Dime is one of the rarest and most valuable dimes in the entire series. This coin features a "curl" or curved base on the number "2" in the 1829 date. The difference between the Curl Base 2 vs Flat (Square) Base 2 is depicted below in the example image of the coin. Source of example image above is courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

1829 Curl Base 2 vs Flat Base 2 Capped Bust Dime - Difference and Comparison
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The 1829 Capped Bust Dime (Curl Base 2 Variety) is worth $9,942 in average condition, and more in higher condition. Click here to learn how to use coin price charts. Also, click here to learn about grading coins.

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