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Member Since: Sep 24 2023 03:21 PM CDT
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From: dlockwood7707 ( 25 ) - May 7 2024 - 01:03 AM CDT
As advertised. Great looking coin!
From: CoinsandCollectibles175 ( 5 ) - May 6 2024 - 09:35 AM CDT
Thank you, Received yesterday !
From: wind1144 ( 167 ) - April 28 2024 - 06:57 AM CDT
Received item. Just as described. Thanks!
From: kb1957 ( 1101 ) - December 28 2023 - 06:55 AM CST
You were right about this amazing Quarter..! Thank You Very Much.

Reply by Cookie75: You are welcome its a coin that some will say OK cool some will not just 1 that i could have put back in the its ok collection the price i feel was cool i hope and i like to know that other people enjoy. I sit here and think while looking what is next the IPA before the coin or the coin before the IPA . Sorry that was a bit of a joke hope your happy. PEACE still I question who wants which coin next.
From: kb1957 ( 1101 ) - November 29 2023 - 05:36 PM CST
Thank you for the strange Dime... I like it..!
From: CoinKing100 ( 236 ) - October 22 2023 - 06:46 AM CDT
Took a chance on this new seller. Got a good deal on this quarter, even after shipping costs. Problem free transaction. Thank you.

Reply by Cookie75: Have been selling local auctions and other items and studying for 2 years I have alot more very nice items just kind of playing the game thanks if there is anything else anyone wants they can contact me. I guarantee I have what most people want I havnt even thrown the good stuff out there yet trust me have 3 of almost everything we see thanks again.