1827 Capped Bust Half Dollars : All Varieties

Lettered Edge

Mintage: 5,493,400
Minted at: Philadelphia (No Mint Mark)

Designer - Engraver: John Reich
Metal Composition: 89% Silver - 11% Copper

Diameter: 32.5 mm
Mass / Weight: 13.48 grams

What This Coin Looks Like (Obverse, Reverse, Mint Mark Location, Special Features, etc.):
1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar Varieties - Difference and Comparison
There were a few major varieties of the 1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar. Two of them deal with the styling of the number "2" in the 1827 date. One variety had a curved and curled base on the "2" while the other variety had a perfectly flat and square base on the number "2". The difference between the 1827 Curl Base 2 vs Square Base 2 is depicted above in the example comparison image.

The other major variety is an 1827/6 overdate error in which the 1827 date was struck over an 1826 date which resulted in a 7 over 6. A large portion of the underlying 6 can be seen to the right of the 7 and also a small portion under the top crossbar of the 7. The bottom of the "7" is also larger and thicker - and also droops down a bit towards the rim of the coin. An example of the 1827/6 half dollar overdate and its features are depicted below in the example image:

1827/6 Capped Bust Half Dollar - 7 Over 6 Overdate

Major Varieties:
1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar - Curled Base 2
1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar - Square Base 2
1827/6 Capped Bust Half Dollar - 7 Over 6

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MELT VALUE: $9.3768

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