American Platinum Eagles Series

The American Platinum Eagle coin is the first United States bullion coin which consists of the precious metal platinum. The platinum eagle is actually an extension of the 1986 American Eagle Bullion coin programs, in which Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles were being produced. The US Congress authorized the production of this new coin and US President Bill Clinton signed it into law on September 30, 1996. The first Platinum Eagle coins were produced and minted in 1997.

When the program first started, the US Mint produced four different denomination and sized platinum coins: tenth ounce (1/10 troy oz.), quarter ounce (1/4 troy oz.), half ounce (1/2 troy oz.) and one ounce (1 troy oz.) . The face value denominations were $10, $25, $50 and $100 coins, produced in .9995 fine platinum. In 1997, the US Mint produced uncirculated bullion coins and proof coins. The obverse (front side or heads side) consisted of Lady Liberty from the Statue of Liberty with a large word "LIBERTY" above her, designed and sculpted by US Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti. To the right of her face is the date and the words "IN GOD WE TRUST". The reverse (back side or tails side) of the coin depicted a grand soaring American eagle with the sunrise in the background, designed and sculpted by US Mint engraver Thomas D. Rogers. In large words, "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" appears just above the eagle and ".9995 PLATINUM 1 oz." appears to the right side (or the fractional ounce figure if the coin is less than 1 ounce). At the bottom appears the denomination of the coin.

US Platinum Eagle Coin
US Platinum Eagle - Lady Liberty and the Soaring Eagle. Depicted on all 1997 coins and all future non-proof coins.

The 1997 design was used on all non-proof uncirculated and burnished coins after 1997. Although, all platinum eagle proof coins bear a unique design every single year. Originally, all uncirculated coins were produced as and known as bullion coins for investors and were minted at the Philadelphia Mint. These were the most popular platinum bullion coins for investors worldwide and they were minted up until 2008. After 2008, the US Mint decided to end all platinum bullion production and fractional ounce coins. Starting in 2009, only 1 ounce proof platinum eagles were produced.

In 2006, the US Mint also produced platinum eagles especially for collectors and these were known as burnished coins, which were minted at the West Point Mint. Some people wonder what the difference is between the normal uncirculated coin and a burnished coin. The difference between an uncirculated and burnished American platinum eagle coin is that the normal uncirculated coins were minted especially for bullion investors and were minted in Philadelphia, whereas the burnished coins are still uncirculated, but were produced just for collectors and were minted in West Point and bears the "W" mint mark on them. These burnished platinum eagles are considerably rarer, typically with half the mintage volume as the regular bullion coins. Again, these burnished coins were only produced in 2006, 2007 and 2008 in various denominations until they were discontinued starting in 2009.

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, they believe that the value of platinum eagles will not appreciate above the melt value or intrinsic metal value of platinum coins. Basically, they believe that all of it's value will come from the commodity value of the precious metal platinum and will have very little additional value as a collectible or numismatic coin. This is one reason why American platinum eagle coins are allowed to be included in US Individual Retirement Accounts, but rare collectible coins are barred from being put inside these investment accounts. This is another reason why the American Platinum Eagle was so popular among investors before bullion production stopped in 2008.

Proof coins were produced just for collectors as well, which have the shiny mirror-like surfaces. These proof platinum eagles are the only bullion coins that have a design change each and every year. Starting in 1997, the reverse depicted the soaring eagle. The next year in 1998, a new series was minted, called the Vistas of Liberty Platinum Eagles, which depicted an American Bald Eagle flying over prominent, diverse regions of the US. Through 2002, 5 different designs were produced. Starting in 2003 through 2005, three unique, but unrelated designs were produced. Then in 2006 through 2008, a series called Foundations of Democracy was produced, which depicted three coins over three years to commemorate and celebrate the three branches of US government: Congress, Presidency and Supreme Court.

The most current series celebrates the six coins that would be minted starting in 2009 through 2014 to represent the six principles of American Democracy listed in the Preamble of the US Constitution. The themes for these coins are inspired by narratives written by John Roberts, one of the Chief Justices of the US Supreme Court. The Preamble itself is displayed below:

We the People of the United States, in Order 1) to form a more perfect Union, 2) establish Justice, 3) insure domestic Tranquility, 4) provide for the common defence, 5) promote the general Welfare, and 6) secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

To the disappointment of bullion collectors, only one ounce proof coins were produced starting in 2009. The Royal Canadian Mint increased production of their Platinum Maple Leaf bullion coins to help fill the demand for platinum bullion. Below is a table chart listing all of the different designs used in proof platinum eagle coins. Included in the chart are enlargeable high quality pictures, images and photos for each year, yearly mintage figures, details and descriptions of each coin and the designers, sculptors and engravers for each design:

Design Image Year Mintage Details Designer / Engraver
1997 American Platinum Eagle 1997 1997 Mintage Figures Depicts the original design of the grand American Eagle soaring above America. This design is used as the proof coin in 1997 and all other uncirculated platinum coinage in future years. Thomas D. Rogers
1998-2002 Platinum Eagles: Vistas of Liberty Series
1998 American Platinum Eagle 1998 1998 Mintage Figures Depicts an American Bald Eagle in flight above a New England rocky beach town at night time with a full moon up in the sky. Thomas D. Rogers
1999 American Platinum Eagle 1999 1999 Mintage Figures Depicts an eagle in flight above the swamps and wetlands of the Southeast bayou with an alligator crawling on the beach. Al Maletsky
2000 American Platinum Eagle 2000 2000 Mintage Figures Depicts an eagle in flight above the Midwestern United States, with a barn, house and open field in view below. Al Maletsky
2001 American Platinum Eagle 2001 2001 Mintage Figures Depiction of an American Bald Eagle in flight above the Southwestern United States in Arizona, with giant Saguaro cacti and the desert below. Thomas D. Rogers
2002 American Platinum Eagle 2002 2002 Mintage Figures Depiction of an American Bald Eagle in flight above a lake, swooping down to catch a fish. In view around the lake are snowcapped mountains of the Northwestern United States and the forest below. Al Maletsky
2003-2005 Platinum Eagles: Unique Designs
2003 American Platinum Eagle 2003 2003 Mintage Figures Depiction of an American Eagle perched on a branch of a Rocky Mountain pine tree with an American flag in the background. Al Maletsky
2004 American Platinum Eagle 2004 2004 Mintage Figures Depicted on this coin is a sculpture named "America", displayed at the US Customs House, New York City. Sculpted by Daniel Chester French. Donna Weaver
2005 American Platinum Eagle 2005 2005 Mintage Figures Depicts a portrait of an American Bald Eagle upon the heraldic shield. Also displayed are a number of symbols that represent America and it's strength and beauty. Donna Weaver
2006-2008 Platinum Eagles: The Foundations of Democracy Series
2006 American Platinum Eagle 2006 2006 Mintage Figures Depicts the "Legislative Muse" with two American eagles perched on two columns which represent two legislative branches of the US Congress: The US Senate and House of Representatives. Joel Iskowitz

Don Everhart
2007 American Platinum Eagle 2007 2007 Mintage Figures Depicts a design to represent the Executive Branch of the US government: A great American Bald Eagle with it's wings spread, which represents freedom, and the shield to enforce the laws and guarantee freedom. Thomas Cleveland

Phebe Hemphill
2008 American Platinum Eagle 2008 2008 Mintage Figures Depicts "Lady Justice" to represent the Judicial Branch of the US government or Supreme Court. In the background is a large American eagle watching over Justice. Joel Iskowitz

Charles L. Vickers
2009-2014 Platinum Eagles: Core Principles/Concepts of American democracy listed in the Preamble of the US Constitution Series
2009 American Platinum Eagle 2009 2009 Mintage Figures Theme and words: "To Form a More Perfect Union", which is the first of six principles of American democracy found in the Preamble of the US Constitution, and four different faces to symbolize the diversity of the United States. Their hair and clothing are weaved together to represent the forming a more perfect union. Susan Gamble

Phebe Hemphill
2010 American Platinum Eagle 2010 2010 Mintage Figures Theme: "To Establish Justice", which is the second of six principles of American democracy found in the Preamble of the US Constitution. Depicts a blindfolded "Lady Justice" holding the scales of justice in one hand and the laurel branch in her other hand. Donna Weaver

Phebe Hemphill
2011 American Platinum Eagle 2011 2011 Mintage Figures Theme: "To Insure Domestic Tranquility", the third of six principles in the preamble of the US Constitution. Depicts the harvest goddess walking through a field of wheat with a dove landing on her right hand and her left hand bearing a wheat stalk. This symbolizes the vastness of our country and diverse views. The dove and wheat stalk symbolizing the tranquility in our nation's society. Joel Iskowitz

Phebe Hemphill
2012 American Platinum Eagle 2012 2012 Mintage Figures Theme: "To Provide for the Common Defence", the forth of six principles in the preamble of the US Constitution. Depicts a Revolutionary War minuteman with rifle and book, which represents the importance of the knowledge in defending the United States. In the background is an American flag and an American Eagle privy mark along the rim. Barbara Fox

Charles L. Vickers
2013 American Platinum Eagle 2013 2013 Mintage Figures Theme: "To Promote the General Welfare", the fifth of six principles in the preamble of the US Constitution. Depicts a young American liberty with interlocking gears in the background, which symbolize the interconnected power between the individual US States and the National Government. Joel Iskowitz
2014 American Platinum Eagle 2014 2014 Mintage Figures Theme: "To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity", the sixth and final principles of democracy listed in the preamble of the US Constitution and the last platinum eagle coin in the 2009-2014 Preamble Series. The design features a young Lady Liberty carrying her torch, which represents the hope and promise of America. Susan Gamble

Joseph Menna
2015-2016 Platinum Eagles: Torches of Freedom
2015 American Platinum Eagle 2015 2015 Mintage Figures Theme: "Liberty Nurtures Freedom". This is the first of the new 2-year "Torches of Freedom" series. Only 4,000 proof coins will be minted in 2015, no uncirculated one ounce bullion coins will be produced. The reverse features Liberty holding a torch and a bald eagle in the foreground - representing freedom. Depicted in the background is the sun and it's rays, along with the earth and the continent of the North America. Joel Iskowitz

Phebe Hemphill
2016 American Platinum Eagle 2016 2016 Mintage Figures Theme: "Portrait of Liberty". This is the second of the 2-year "Torches of Freedom" series. The reverse features Liberty holding a torch (representing enlightenment) in her right hand and the olive branch in her left (representing the original 13 colonies) as she looks to the future. The American bald eagle is depicted in the background behind Lady Liberty. Paul C. Balan

Joseph Menna
2017 Standard Design Resumed - 20th Anniversary
2017 American Platinum Eagle 2017 2017 Mintage Figures For the 20th anniversary of the American Platinum Eagle, the standard design originally used in 1997 was resumed in 2017, which would then be followed by a new theme the next year. Thomas D. Rogers
2018-2020 Platinum Eagles: Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Series
2018 American Platinum Eagle 2018 2018 Mintage Figures The first of a three-year coin series with the theme "Preamble to the Declaration of Independence". This is the first coin in the Platinum American Eagle series to include a new design to the obverse, along with a new design on the reverse. The obverse features the theme "Life", which is symbolized as Lady Liberty teaching a small child to sow seeds in a field. The sword she carries symbolizes the power to defend life, and the furrowed field symbolizes the idea of the work required to sustain life. The tree and stream represents nature and suggests the need to be good stewards of the environment that sustains life. The reverse depicts a new design of the flying eagle with an olive branch in it's talons. Obv:
Justin Kunz / Phebe Hemphill

Patricia Lucas-Morris / Don Everhart
2019 American Platinum Eagle 2019 2019 Mintage Figures The 2nd coin in the series features the theme "Liberty". The reverse depicts Lady Liberty watching over the prairies, lakes, and mountains as the pioneers head west. She is holding a torch in one hand to represent an emblem of the guiding light of liberty, and in her other hand is a book representing the rule of law and the equal application of the law. Her parted lips represent Freedom of Speech. The background depicts the wild terrain and represents the American spirit of exploration and finding new lands, the freedom to pursue new landscapes, new ideas, and new ways of life. The reverse of the coin features a common reverse that is used in the 3-year series, including last year and next year: A flying eagle with an olive branch in it's talons. Obv:
Justin Kunz / Joseph Menna

Patricia Lucas-Morris / Don Everhart
2020 American Platinum Eagle 2020 2020 Mintage Figures The last of the 3-year "Preamble to the Declaration of Independence" series, features the theme "Happiness". The design depicts Lady Liberty harvesting the fruits of her labor while a young girl plays nearby. She carries overflowing cornucopia, which is supposed to symbolize physical, intellectual and spiritual bounty that only liberty can provide - good, healthy things that nourish the body, enliven the mind and satisfies the soul. Also depicted in the background of the coin, is a home, orchard and farm silo. These represent the American hopes, values and aspirations. These conclude the narrative being told through the 3-coin series: from furrowed earth, to the prairies and mountains, and finally to an agrarian field: Life, Liberty and Happiness. The stubble field alludes to the ingenuity and hard work required to claim the promise of liberty. Obv:
Justin Kunz / Michael Gaudioso

Patricia Lucas-Morris / Don Everhart
2021-2025 Platinum Eagles: First Amendment to the United States Constitution Series
2021 American Platinum Eagle 2021 2021 Mintage Figures The first of a five-year coin series with the theme "First Amendment to the United States Constitution". The obverse designs for the next 5 years will use the lifecycle of the oak tree from a seedling to mighty oak, as a metaphor for the growth of our Nation. In symbolizes that Liberty grows to a thing of great strength and beauty from a seed – our Bill of Rights. The 2021 obverse depicts an oak seedling sprouting from an acorn, with the text "WITH FREEDOM OF RELIGION LIBERTY GROWS". The reverse will continue to depict the flying eagle (also used from 2018-2020) with an olive branch in it's talons. This reverse will be used throughout the entire series. Obv:
Donna Weaver / Joseph Menna

Patricia Lucas-Morris / Don Everhart
2022 American Platinum Eagle 2022 2022 Mintage Figures The second of a five-year coin series that uses the lifecycle of the oak tree (from seedling to mighty oak) as a metaphor for the growth of our nation. The 2022 obverse depicts a juvenile oak tree, with the text "WITH FREEDOM OF SPEECH LIBERTY BLOSSOMS". Obv:
Donna Weaver / Joseph Menna

Patricia Lucas-Morris / Don Everhart
2023 American Platinum Eagle 2023 2023 Mintage Figures The third of a five-year coin series that uses the lifecycle of the oak tree (from seedling to mighty oak) as a metaphor for the growth of our nation. The 2023 obverse depicts the branch of a mature oak tree, with the text "WITH FREEDOM OF THE PRESS LIBERTY BEARS FRUIT". Obv:
Donna Weaver / Joseph Menna

Patricia Lucas-Morris / Don Everhart
2024 American Platinum Eagle 2024 2024 Mintage Figures The fourth of a five-year coin series that uses the lifecycle of the oak tree (from seedling to mighty oak) as a metaphor for the growth of our nation. The 2024 obverse depicts several oak leaves and the text "WITH THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE LIBERTY SPREADS.". Obv:
Donna Weaver / Joseph Menna

Patricia Lucas-Morris / Don Everhart

Mintage Figures for all American Platinum Eagle Coins

Below is a table and chart showing all of the currently known mintage figures for every denomination, year and type of platinum eagle coins. Any year followed by a "P" means that this coin is an uncirculated bullion coin minted in Philadelphia. These are not the same as the burnished coins, which were first produced in 2006, minted only until 2008, and bears the "W" West Point mint mark. These burnished coins are just for the collectors and weren't intended to be normal bullion. It's important to note that starting in 2009, all US American Platinum Eagle bullion coins stopped being produced, including fractional denominations. During 2009 and afterwards, only one ounce proof platinum eagle coins were produced and that's it.

Year $10 - 1/10 Oz. $25 - 1/4 Oz. $50 - 1/2 Oz. $100 - 1 Oz.
1997 1997 P: 70,250
1997 W Proof: 36,993
1997 P: 27,100
1997 W Proof: 18,628
1997 P: 20,500
1997 W Proof: 15,431
1997 P: 56,000
1997 W Proof: 20,851
1998 1998 P: 39,525
1998 W Proof: 19,847
1998 P: 38,887
1998 W Proof: 14,873
1998 P: 32,415
1998 W Proof: 13,836
1998 P: 133,002
1998 W Proof: 14,912
1999 1999 P: 55,955
1999 W Proof: 19,133
1999 P: 39,734
1999 W Proof: 13,507
1999 P: 32,309
1999 W Proof: 11,103
1999 P: 56,707
1999 W Proof: 12,363
2000 2000 P: 34,027
2000 W Proof: 15,651
2000 P: 20,054
2000 W Proof: 11,995
2000 P: 18,892
2000 W Proof: 11,049
2000 P: 10,003
2000 W Proof: 12,453
2001 2001 P: 52,017
2001 W Proof: 12,174
2001 P: 21,815
2001 W Proof: 8,847
2001 P: 12,815
2001 W Proof: 8,254
2001 P: 14,070
2001 W Proof: 8,969
2002 2002 P: 23,005
2002 W Proof: 12,365
2002 P: 27,405
2002 W Proof: 9,282
2002 P: 24,005
2002 W Proof: 8,772
2002 P: 11,502
2002 W Proof: 9,834
2003 2003 P: 22,007
2003 W Proof: 9,534
2003 P: 25,207
2003 W Proof: 7,044
2003 P: 17,409
2003 W Proof: 7,131
2003 P: 8,007
2003 W Proof: 8,246
2004 2004 P: 15,010
2004 W Proof: 7,161
2004 P: 18,010
2004 W Proof: 5,193
2004 P: 13,236
2004 W Proof: 5,063
2004 P: 7,009
2004 W Proof: 6,007
2005 2005 P: 14,013
2005 W Proof: 8,104
2005 P: 12,013
2005 W Proof: 6,592
2005 P: 9,013
2005 W Proof: 5,942
2005 P: 6,310
2005 W Proof: 6,602
2006 2006 P: 11,001
2006 W Burnished: 3,544
2006 W Proof: 10,205
2006 P: 12,001
2006 W Burnished: 2,676
2006 W Proof: 7,813
2006 P: 9,602
2006 W Burnished: 2,577
2006 W Proof: 7,649
2006 P: 6,000
2006 W Burnished: 3,068
2006 W Proof: 9,152
2007 2007 P: 13,003
2007 W Burnished: 5,556
2007 W Proof: 8,176
2007 P: 8,402
2007 W Burnished: 3,690
2007 W Proof: 6,017
2007 P: 7,001
2007 W Burnished: 3,635
2007 W Proof: 25,519
2007 P: 7,202
2007 W Burnished: 4,177
2007 W Proof: 8,363
2008 2008 P: 17,000
2008 W Burnished: 3,706
2008 W Proof: 5,138
2008 P: 22,800
2008 W Burnished: 2,481
2008 W Proof: 4,153
2008 P: 14,000
2008 W Burnished: 2,253
2008 W Proof: 4,020
2008 P: 21,800
2008 W Burnished: 2,876
2008 W Proof: 4,769
2009 none issued none issued none issued 2009 W Proof: 7,945
2010 none issued none issued none issued 2010 W Proof: 9,871
2011 none issued none issued none issued 2011 W Proof: 14,970
2012 none issued none issued none issued 2012 W Proof: 9,081
2013 none issued none issued none issued 2013 W Proof: 5,763
2014 none issued none issued none issued 2014 P: 16,900
2014 W Proof: 4,596
2015 none issued none issued none issued 2015 W Proof: 3,954
2016 none issued none issued none issued 2016 P: 20,000
2016 W Proof: 9,810
2017 none issued none issued none issued 2017 P: 20,000
2017 W Proof: 9,226
2018 none issued none issued none issued 2018 P: 30,000
2018 W Proof: 16,130
2019 none issued none issued none issued 2019 P: 40,000
2019 W Proof: 11,268
2020 none issued none issued none issued 2020 P: 56,500
2020 W Proof: 9,835
2021 none issued none issued none issued 2021 P: 75,000
2021 W Proof: 9,884
2022 none issued none issued none issued 2022 P: 80,000
2022 W Proof: 9,938
2023 none issued none issued none issued 2023 P: 12,700
2023 W Proof: 8,211
2024 none issued none issued none issued 2024 P: N/A
2024 W Proof: N/A

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